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Why do so many people hate their jobs? — 三月 26, 2013

Why do so many people hate their jobs?

One reason that many people with good college educations hate their jobs is that they picked a conservative / climb-the-ladder-oriented career when they were young (i.e., right after college) and then they never switched.

When they first picked their career at the age of 22:

  • They had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives
  • They had a very narrow view of what career options were available to them.
  • They felt the need to make money, because they were independent from their parents for the first time.
  • They gravitated to jobs that involve credentials and pre-defined milestones, just like school.

Then, after doing that first profession for 7-10+ years, they feel locked in; they don’t know what to do next / how to change. They are doing pretty well financially in that first career, and they perceive tons of risk to switching careers. So they do the same thing for the rest of their life.

You see this with lawyers, professors, bankers, sometimes teachers.

Being measured — 三月 13, 2013

Being measured

From: Ro**

I work in a custom service group. Our manager decided that the best measure of our performance is the number of calls we take in a day. Since we have three phone lines, our staff has found that using one line to call yourself on another line will give you credit for a call. It’s beautiful. The support center’s stats have been rising steadily, while the number of incoming outside calls has been on an annual downswing.

how to setup wordpress android project , help! — 十月 19, 2012

how to setup wordpress android project , help!

I am a newbie to join the android development. I have trouble to build the WordPress android project.

Revision 836, Oct 8 2012
Eclipse classic : Version: 4.2.0 Build id: I20120608-1400

Android SDK: 4.1.2 API 16

After I import the wordpress android project. I got lots of error.

I set:



android:targetSdkVersion=”16” />

It doesn’t work.

The error is caused by override, so I guess it didn’t find the right lib and class.

How to setup the project? Thanks.